We use top quality components such as Intel, AMD, Asus and Nvidia. Because computer component prices change on a weekly basis, ARD utilizes several different vendors to assure our clients of getting the best possible price.

With so much information available and a multitude of technology combinations to choose from, it is easy to see how some people might feel intimidated by the computer. Some people are so afraid of them that they won't even buy one.

"My computer has a mind of its own." How many limes have you heard someone say that or declare it yourself? The following tips will help you avoid or solve some of the common, confounding problems that crop up from time to time on our computer systems.

Welcome to ARD Computer Solutions

ARD had its origins back in September of 2001. It officially opened its doors for business in February 2003. From it's inception, the goal of ARD has been to provide superior service, a quality product and reasonable prices to our customers. Even with the anticipated growth in the coming years, this focus and commitment will remain the same. We will always strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

What makes ARD unique?
This is the question everyone asks: What makes ARD different from all the other tech service companies in the marketplace?

ARD Computer Solutions possesses what most other tech service companies do not: PEOPLE SKILLS.

In today's competitive marketplace there are many small technology service companies all selling the same product and service as ARD. Unlike ARD, the people that run those businesses either do not have the technology knowledge/experience or lack the necessary people skills to put the customer at ease, fix the problem quickly & properly and deliver what they promise. Most do not even offer support to the customer after a sale or service.

At ARD, we understand the angst and feeling of dread a customer feels when he/she is about to lose all his/her data or pictures from the family reunion. We also understand that all of our customers are not lotto winners and have a budget.

We treat our customers with respect, explain the problem in easy to understand language (not techno-babble) so the customer understands what may be wrong with their computer. We explain how we are going to fix their machine. And we explain to them the costs related to fixing their machine. We are up-front with all the information necessary for our customers to make intelligent, cost efficient decisions.

What ARD has to offer:
ARD Computer Solutions offers our customers extensive product knowledge, reasonable prices and uncompromised customer service.

We perform most diagnosis, component upgrades and simple system tune-ups on -site.

At ARD we are committed to providing our clients with the finest computer systems available. We offer custom built systems from Seneca Data and Equus Computer Systems. The systems are ordered from us and drop shipped directly to your home.

ARD offers complete set-up with each pc purchased.

We offer a wide array of maintenance contracts to cover your system when your original warranty expires. We also encourage pre-paid maintenance agreements which are more cost effective and flexible.

Virus detection & removal, spy-ware detection & removal, software upgrades and free pick-up/delivery for local customers are other services offered by ARD Computer Solutions.

An exclusive service from ARD Computer Solutions. If your pc needs to be taken to our shop for deeper analysis and repair, ARD has free loaner computers so you will be able to stay in contact with friends/family, be able to work using Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat and save precious photos or documents to your external storage device.